Solder paste inspection. The majority of quality problems of component mounting in electronics production originate from the solder paste application. At ProPlace, we ensure 100% solder paste inspection with an in-line SPI machine, which verifies solder paste inspection on each printed document.


Visual inspection is carried out with AOI (“automated optical inspection”) machines, which can check for potential contacts, component offsets, and other mounting irregularities More about the AOI machine is available in the section SMD Mounting.


In mounting more demanding components where visual inspection does not provide the desired quality control, we also perform an X-ray inspection. This technology is particularly needed with BGA chip mounting, where by using X-ray we can see under the chip and verify the adequacy of soldering.


The share of flawlessly dispatched products can be markedly increased by testing products functionally. The device for functional testing can be produced by the customer or by ProPlace, based on the client’s specifications.

Quality Standards







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