At Proplace, with our expertise and reliability, we provide quality products for all our customers. Because we want to be successful, we offer sophisticated and technologically advanced products.

We have established an integrated management system that includes an ISO 9001:2015 quality management system and an ISO 14001:2015 environmental management system. The system obliges every employee to work in a quality manner, to meet the requirements, and to have an appropriate attitude towards the environment.

The principles of our Quality and Environmental Policy:

  • The company management shall provide all the resources required for the functioning of the quality management system and the environmental management system, to allow the growth of quality on the way to business excellence.
  • The management shall regularly monitor and measure the achievement of the required quality level and impacts of our activities on the environment.
  • Our organisation enables us to successfully and effectively achieve our goals so that we can achieve and exceed the requirements, needs, and expectations of our customers.
  • We build mutually beneficial partnerships with suppliers, based on mutual respect and trust.
  • We provide an appropriate working environment, in which all employees can, creatively and with motivation, achieve their personal and business growth.
  • We care for the satisfaction of our employees, while at the same time all employees comply with the prescribed and adopted elements of the quality system and the environmental management system.
  • We commit ourselves to compliance with the applicable legal requirements and continuous improvement of the environmental management system.
  • We meet the needs and expectations of relevant stakeholders and allow some of their needs and expectations to become our compliance obligations.
  • We all participate in training activities and are involved in all the activities related to the protection of the environment and the importance of health and safety.
  • Our Quality and Environmental Policy is accessible to the general public.

The aims of our Quality and Environmental Policy are to:

  • meet the expectations of customers and all interested stakeholders, including our employees;
  • meet the requirements of standards;
  • be price-competitive;
  • supply under conditions that ensure business success;
  • operate cost-efficiently and economically in all areas;
  • ensure safe and orderly workplaces;
  • fully meet the requirements of the applicable legislation.


The top management is committed to the continuous improvement of our attitude towards the environment and prevention of its pollution and strives to provide conditions for meeting the set fundamental goals.

We are aware that people are the cornerstone of quality, so we respect the knowledge, innovativeness, and ideas of each employee.

All employees are fully aware and understand the quality policy and the environmental management system. We are informed about the policy through the established channels of communication with our company. Our employees ensure that our actions are aimed at fulfilling this policy, the framework and implementation goals for improving the quality system, and our environmental management.

The policy is available to all associated with our operation. We provide it to the public upon request.


Each company manager is directly responsible for enforcing and implementing the quality policy by:

  • Caring for the introduction and operation of the quality system and the environmental management system.
  • Monitoring and improving the level of fulfilment of customer requirements.
  • Detecting potential origins of faults and improving internal processes and the working system.
  • Developing the quality system and the environmental management system with suppliers and other business partners with whom it has a common interest.
  • Establishing, implementing, and monitoring programmes for improving quality and environmental cleanliness.
  • Caring for the education and training of employees to achieve the planned quality, higher goals, and a more responsible attitude towards the environment.
  • Caring for the rational use of raw materials, consumables, and energy-generating products.
  • Complying with all for their work relevant legislation.
  • Caring for the prevention of pollution and compliance with all legal requirements relating to the environment.
  • Committing to the minimisation of energy consumption as well as the consumption of raw materials and consumables.
  • Identifying and assessing the risks relating to compliance with the relevant requirements of the relevant stakeholders.
  • Promoting a culture of thinking about risks and opportunities among all employees.

Each employee of the company is part of the quality system and environmental management system; therefore, everyone will strive to:

  • Acquaint themselves with, understand and satisfy the expectations of employees and customers regarding the quality of products and services.
  • Discover and correct the origins of faults and deviations that arise in procedures and processes.
  • Participate in the planning and introduction of continuous improvement of quality and environment to the benefit of the entire company.

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