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X-ray Component Counter
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Another new and very important investment made this year is a purchase of x-ray machine for counting components. It allows faster and more precise counting of SMT components in trays and reels and in some cases it also counts THT components. It can count up to four reels at the same time. As a result, the material in our warehouse is stored faster and ready for next production batch, which ensures smooth and cost-efficient production.

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Upgrade of our I-neo line
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We would like to inform you that an important investment was made in our production after our summer break. We upgraded our SMT lines and increased our SMT production capabilities by about 20% as a result.

We are happy to be able to keep offering our customers fast production services for prototypes and small batches, as we are aware of the importance of fast and efficient manufacturing.

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Cleaning of assembled PCBs
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We are happy to inform you that in Proplace we also provide cleaning of assembled PCBs in our production.

Why Clean Assembled Printed Circuit Board?

  • Improve Aesthetic Appearance of PCB.
  • Improve Reliability of PCB.
  • Prevent Corrosion on Components and PCB.
  • Avoid Adhesion Problems with Conformal Coating.
  • Prevent Dendritic Growth from Ionic Contamination.

For all questions or inquiries, we can be reached at

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