Proplace is a young company established in 2011. The original purpose of the establishment was the decision of the owners to upgrade the production of integrated circuits of the companies Elgoline d.o.o. and Intectiv d.o.o.. By doing so, they wanted to add even bigger value to their products and provide their customers with comprehensive solutions as well as products.

At the very beginning, the main goal was to achieve higher production standards and also to produce more demanding projects, so the first investments were in more modern equipment and machinery. However, we are aware that without competent and motivated employees, even modern equipment is of little value. That is why the company places great emphasis on the selection of appropriate personnel and the implementation of continuous training and education.

With innovative solutions and a great combination of price, quality and agreed delivery times, we pursue the increasing demands of our existing and potential customers.

Striving for excellence is the basis of our company management in all areas and on all levels which is why the company acquired ISO 9001 standard. The company and its employees also take care of the environment and its safety which is why we have also obtained the ISO 14001 standard.

With our knowledge, flexibility and investments, we ensure efficient production of small and medium-sized batches and thus join the best companies on the domestic and also foreign market.

We are convinced that, as our business partners, you will be able to recognize the potential that will help achieve the desired and expected results. We are proud to be a part of your success.

The Group that Includes the Companies:





ProPlace entered the electronics market in 2011. We have offered comprehensive electronics production services, which include SMD and THT component mounting, programming, testing, and final placement in the casing.

ProPlace is part of the group that also includes the companies Elgoline d.o.o., Intectiv d.o.o., and KL Laminati d.o.o. Some of the companies have been present in the printed matter production market for over 40 years.

The group had a turnover of

20 million €

  • in 2015.

The group employed

200 people

  • in 2015.

We have over

40 years

  • of experience in the electronics production market.

In the company, we believe in:

Responsibility of the management team
Environmental responsibility
Responsibility of the employees

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