Higher Quality Control with New AOI

ProPlace recently started a new modern AOI Cyberoptics SQ3000 with the most modern technology, such as exceptionally sophisticated 3D, MRS, AI² technologies and others.

The new acquisition provides us with:

  • The fastest inspection of 3D components with an accuracy of up to 10µ,
  • Microscopic precision of 3D display of printed matter in colour,
  • Exceptional precision and fewer false errors.

The new AOI will operate with full capacity in February 2016. This will additionally raise the quality level of our production and provide a higher level of flawless products.

Please notify us if you want us to send you a 3D colour display of your printed document with the next dispatch.

Special Line

A special production line is been dedicated to prototype production, which enables us outstanding responsiveness with short delivery orders.

In collaboration with the connected company INTECTIV, we offer a quick service for printed matter production and component placement. If the material that you wish to mount can be delivered quickly, you may order mounting with very short delivery times.

In February, ProPlace is making a special offer:
for all new product orders that have not yet been produced by us, we offer you a 10% discount on the work for the first order.*

*Applies to orders worth over EUR 5,000.